1.   Coordinate with Siding and Shutters

In picking colors, all that you choose must work together to achieve a visually appealing site. It would be best if you created a contrast; hence, your color must be dissimilar enough. As per tonal distinction, pick the front door’s color or the window shutter to create a beautiful exterior look.

2.   Know When to Use Color Blends

To make your home look more exciting and appealing, follow the blending principle. The blending principle encourages that the plainer the siding, the more needed a blended color pattern becomes. But, if your home’s siding has a pattern of some sort, settling for color-blended shingles with clash is the best idea.

3.   Achieve Visual Balance with Light or Dark Shingles

Under color appeal, it is believed that dark colors attract more attention than lighter colors. Apply this in the selection of your shingle color, and your home will have the desired appearance.     #CapitalHomeImprovements #roofingcontractor #roofer #roofing #shingles #shinglecolor #homeimprovements