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Syracuse Solar Panel Installation

Systems we have installed to date are generating Internal Rates of Return (IRR) of 10%-25%.


Solar Energy Syracuse

Our solar system options include;

Solar Electric

Using the Sun's Natural Energy to Power Your Home or Business

Energy independence is on everyone's mind these days. With the unpredictable cost of fuel, a fragile electrical grid, and a struggling economy it makes sense to create an energy strategy that provides a brighter, more secure future. And now is the perfect time. Not only has solar technology been proven effective over many decades, but today, it's more affordable than ever.

1,000 Watts per square meter.

That's how much of the sun's power strikes the earth every hour. Yes, even in places the sun doesn't seem as strong!

How to capture the sun's energy

Photovoltaic (PV) technology transforms sunlight into electricity. To use this technology for your home or business, you need a basic system comprised of the following:

  • Solar Modules, which are imbedded with PV cells to generate direct current electricity
  • Inverter, which changes DC power to AC power used in most buildings
  • Proper disconnects and over-current protection (common in any electrical system)

With these basic components, you can generate electricity and feed it to your household circuits, as well as send any excess electricity you make back to the grid for full retail credit.

We've installed over 5 megawatts (MW) of solar arrays generating cost-effective energy for more than 50 companies.

Wind Electric

Innovative airfoil rotator blade technology produces clean, quiet renewable energy at low heights and low wind speeds.


Automated small scaled processors that turn waste cooking oil and other plant and animal based oils into fuel- for as little as 90 cents per gallon.

Solar Thermal

Hot water in commercially use-able quantities can save thousands of dollars per year for restaurants, laundries, hotels, prisons, manufacturing plants and more.


Cost efficient anaerobic digestion systems turn farm and other waste streams into energy-producing bio-gas, pellet fuels and fertilizer

Solar Hot Air

Reliable high performance systems lower heating costs in winter, reduce cooling costs in summer. One of the most cost effective uses of solar energy.

 With the combination of federal and state incentives, businesses can see a positive return on investment for their new energy system in as little as 2-3 years. Grants and tax savings can cover 75% - 95% of system's cost.

No money up front, Power Purchase Agreement and lease options are available as well. 

We submit all paperwork for financial incentives and have helped secure over $12 Million in grants for our clients.

Solar Systems

Renewable energy makes sense for your community.

Did you know that part of New York State's energy vision includes renewable energy for municipal government? There are many grants and low interest loans available from NYSERDA and NYPA to help your community reduce your carbon footprint and save energy money over time. With the proper use of grants and low intrerested loans you can immediately be cash positive on your building retrofits.

Ask us how we can help you understand how solar, LED lighting and Geothermal heating and cooling are affordable technologies that you can use to offset the ever increasing cost of utilities and "Green" your municipal buildings.

  • Flex-Tech studies
  • Reduced electric consumption
  • Reduced your carbon footprint
  • Design, selection and installation

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