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Independent Living

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Preserving the pride and dignity of living independently

Featuring: "Universal Design" for Convenience, Ease, and Livability

Syracuse independent living contractor Capital Home Improvements, gives special consideration to families who are building or remodeling to preserve the pride and dignity of living independently.

We use a system of simple, proven ideas to make your home more comfortable for:

  • Families with young children
  • People who want to stay in their homes as they grow older
  • People who want to simplify their housekeeping
  • People who are taller or shorter than average
  • People who use wheelchairs or walkers

Who is your home built for?

Traditionally, many homes were tailored for an imaginary "average" person – a healthy, fit, young man of average height.

Let's think beyond the concept of "average," and explore what "universal design" means to you.

Universal design, the idea of making things comfortable and convenient for as many different people at as many stages of life as possible offers:

  • Flexibility – Easier to adapt the home as your own lifestyle changes, or as others live in the home.
  • Simplicity – Makes everyday life simpler in many ways – housekeeping, storage, entertaining, seasonal maintenance.
  • Style and Individuality – Universal design can be both beautiful and comfortable.
  • Safety – Eliminates common causes of home accidents.

Universal design, common-sense features can make your home a more pleasant place to live right now, and avoid unnecessary hassles and expensive changes in the future.

Click here for a free Practical Guide to Universal Home Design in PDF format.

Practical Guide to Universal Home Design - Produced by the Iowa Program for Assistive Technology (IPAT), Center for Disabilities and Development, University of Iowa Children's Hospital. Adapted with permission from Practical Guide to Universal Home Design, published by East Metro Seniors Agenda for Independent Living, St. Paul, MN. Research and production: Wilder, Research Center Design: The Design Company, Illustration: Mark Englund.

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